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Cameron Diaz is hazardous, and other news

This woman is dangerous. Do not search for her online.

This woman is dangerous.

I’ve been particularly distracted today by some really interesting tech/science news, so I thought I would share some of the day’s most fascinating “nerd” reports as my requisite blog post.

Cameron Diaz is the world’s most dangerous celebrity. That’s according to McAfee, the antivirus software and computer security company. Apparently, searching for Cameron Diaz’s name on the Internet leads to more harmful spam than any other celebrity name on the planet, beating out Julia Roberts and Jessica Biel. Parents, lock up your children!

Everyone’s freaking out over Facebook…again. The social network wants to unveil its “Places” feature, allowing mobile phone users to disclose their exact location to friends. Of course privacy is a big issue, and critics are blasting Facebook for asking for too much information from its users.

The Moon is shrinking. Its tectonic faults are literally contracting due to the interior’s cooling. Scientists say there’s no need to be alarmed, but I’m concerned the little people that live in the Moon will soon become too cold or too cramped. This leads to irritability….and a potential attack on the Earth.

iPods may be killing our hearing. A recent study suggests that one in five American teenagers now has some hearing loss, perhaps due to iPods and MP3 players. Turn down the volume, folks!

Driving with animals in the car is more dangerous than texting while driving. I mostly like this Fox News article because of the picture they used with the story (you like it too), but it’s a disturbingly interesting news piece too. Someone once told me that texting and driving is worse than drinking and driving. Using that logic, having Fido in the car with you is worse than driving plastered.

Twitter, eBay and MySpace are hitting the big screen?! Well, no. But I love these parodies of the upcoming Facebook cinematic drama, The Social Network. Enjoy.

Conan gave her a gift, but what should Sarah Killen do now?

conan_4credIt’s amazing the kind of power a celebrity holds. Conan O’Brien joined Twitter at the end of February and he already has over 630,000 followers. Okay, that’s no big deal. Conan is a celebrity. The real story is in what Conan has done to 19 year old Sarah Killen.

Here’s the short version of the story: On March 5th Conan decided to randomly follow one person on Twitter. He chose Sarah Killen, a.k.a. @lovelybutton. She immediately went from a few followers to almost 25,000 in six days…crazy. Click here to read more.

So what? Good for Sarah, no big deal right? Wrong. If Sarah is smart she will do something with this unexpected fame. If you watch this ABC report, you’ll see that she got a few things for her wedding. She is even encouraging people to donate to a cancer fund. That’s wonderful, but she needs to do something more. This is an amazing opportunity!

So Sarah, here are a few ideas on what you could do with your new-found fame:

  1. Start a blog: You already have thousands of people who are listening to what you’re saying on Twitter. As a result, you would get thousands of hits on your blog. You already have people sending you free stuff for your wedding, just think of how many people would pay you to have an ad in the sidebar of your blog. You could generate a pretty good income just from advertisements. Make sure your blog has focus and isn’t just a diary of your life. Make it about something of worth and it will grow instead of fading out when all of the hype dies down. If you’re not a good writer then take a writing class ASAP!
  2. Start a business: What do you like to do? What are you good at? Start a business and use your audience to help it grow.
  3. Become an unofficial spokesperson for a good cause: Pick a topic or cause that you’re passionate about. Maybe it’s helping to cure cancer. I’m sure the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation would love your help and support, and may even pay you to be an official spokesperson for them.
  4. Connect with other celebrities: You could try to connect with other comedians or celebrities. They may be interested in getting in on the joke. As they connect with you more people will follow you, which would increase your ability to influence.

Please be smart, Sarah! Do something more than just tweeting random stuff. You could do so much. Of course if you want more advice let me know!