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Bloggers & Students Will Benefit Most from Google Wave

google-wave-logoGoogle Wave is all the fuss in the digital world, especially after Google invited 100,000 people to test out the beta program yesterday (alas, I was not one of the Chosen—I coped with the pain last night by drinking excessive quantities of root beer and watching Hocus Pocus).

All the tech gurus are chattering about how it will transform the way we communicate online and I think that’s absolutely true. According to Google Wave’s website, the new program “is an online communication and collaboration tool that makes real-time interactions more seamless — in one place, you can communicate and collaborate using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.” If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you watch Google’s super-cool overview to learn more.

I understand that Google Wave has the potential of altering the way everybody communicates online. But which industries will benefit the most from Google Wave? Who will profit from its innovation first? A few ideas:

Bloggers: As far as writing the post, I would love to collaborate, edit and research in real time with Chad. No more back-and-forth emails! The writing process becomes a fluid conversation as opposed to a sluggish, spasmodic procedure. Readers could also contribute and participate to a post in ways far more interactive than currently possible.

Journalists: I stole this one from an article in the Los Angeles Times. It points out that reporters could use Google Wave to discuss, liaise and archive more efficiently (similar to the way bloggers could use the tool).

Students/Professors: Imagine using a syllabus or taking notes with Google Wave! It will be such an innovational and valuable tool to communicate with other professors or students. And group projects won’t be nearly as asinine.

Event Planners: A collaborative tool like Google Wave would be of infinite value to anyone preparing or arranging an event with other people. Updated photos, links and content would be continuously available for reviewing and editing by anyone involved.

Politicians: Drafting a bill on Google Wave? It sounds like a promising idea. But I doubt even Google can resolve Washington’s chronic corruption and ambiguity. Oh well. At least there’s this.